Workshops + Facilitation

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At Swarm, Bryce leads training and facilitation work. He is an accomplished trainer, educator, and facilitator who can lead conversations and workshops from the boardroom to the classroom.  

Clients can choose from one of our six most popular sessions:


  • Identity and Culture Shift

  • Allyship to Action: Anti-Racism In Practice

  • Examining Intersectionality

  • Identifying and Addressing Microaggressions

  • Transgender and/or LGBTQ+ Inclusion in the Workplace

  • Abolishing Gender Norms in the Workplace


Swarm also works with clients to create fully-customized workshops and trainings outside of our 6-standard options. Swarm has subject matter expertise, and has crafted content, in the following fields:


  • Centering Diversity, Equity + Inclusion and Racial Justice in Your Return To Office (RTO) Plans

  • Queer and Racial Equity in the Reproductive Justice space

  • Building Inclusive Classrooms for LGBTQ+ students and Black, Indigenous Students of Color

  • Creating Inclusive 6-12 Social Studies/History Curriculums

  • Defining, Recognizing and Addressing Anti-Blackness

  • Foundations of Inclusive Mentorship: Building an Equitable Mentor Program

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Youth Activism and Building Youth Power

  • Beyond Implicit Bias: Building Truly Inclusive Workplaces

  • Transgender People + Athletic Inclusion: Best Practices and Policies


Contact Swarm to learn more about our six workshop options, and how Swarm can partner with you to deliver trainings tailored for your team.