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Stay up to date on the latest upcoming events that Swarm Strategy is a part of, and join us by registering! You can also checkout our latest media features — including Podcast episodes — where we are sharing insights on diversity, equity, inclusion, racial justice and more.

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SHRM HR Magazine Feature

Winter 2022: Coming Out at Work

Swarm's Founder and Head of Strategy was recently featured by SHRM in their Winter 2022 magazine discussing coming out as LGBTQ+ in the workplace. Bryce shares multiple strategies that organizations can implement to support LGBTQ+ employees year-round. Read the full articles for more insights into LGBTQ+ equity and inclusion in the workplace, and to hear from other LGBTQ+ industry leaders. The article has two parts and can be found in the links below.

Part I: Coming Out At Work 

Part II: Prevailing Over the Perils of Coming Out at Work

Virtual Webinar

Autism and Intersectionality | Hosted by Mentra

Bryce Celotto of Swarm Strategy joined Mentra on in June for a discussion on the intersection of the LGBTQ+ community and neurodiversity! The panel will give attendees insights into the autistic community, and the experiences of LGBTQ+ people on the autism spectrum. 


Virtual Conference

4th Annual Belonging at Work Summit 

Swarm Strategy presented at the 4th Annual Belonging at Work Summit hosted by Rhodes Perry Consulting. Checkout Bryce's talk on Achieving Real Representation and learn more about the summit here

Podcast Episode

Bryce Celotto, Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Founder, Educator and Strategist, Founder of Swarm Strategy - Starting with Active Listening

In this episode of Reimagining Company Culture, we’re chatting with Bryce Celotto, Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion Founder, Educator and Strategist, Founder of Swarm Strategy. Over the last 11-years Bryce has used his multitude of skills in advocacy, facilitation, curriculum development and organizational design to put his framework centered in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) into action.


Tune in to learn Bryce’s thoughts on companies and leaders leaning into anti-racism work, tips for leaders starting their equity journeys, the foundation of education, and more!

Podcast Episode

Hygge Zero to Ten: bryce celotto talks racial justice

We're sitting down with #hyggefam member Bryce, who tells about his path to racial justice work, how he's breaking down a complex topic so it's approachable to folks and his history as a college athlete. 

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