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Meet The Founder + Head of Strategy


Bryce River Jordan Celotto, M.A.T

Pronouns: He/Him | Contact: 

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Bryce J. Celotto is a Black, queer, transmasculine, neurodivergent person who was born, and raised, in the Carolinas. He brings his lifelong experiences living at the intersections, and more than a decade of professional expertise in policy, racial justice, LGBTQ+ equity and education to problem-solve from the grassroots to corporate board rooms. Over the last eleven-years, Bryce has used his multitude of skills in advocacy, facilitation, curriculum development and organizational design to put his framework centered in justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) into action.  

Prior to starting Swarm, Bryce came-of-age in the non-profit industrial complex at organizations dedicated to LGBTQ+ advocacy, racial justice, and youth leadership. After his early professional experiences, Bryce returned to school to complete his education: going from a G.E.D to the Ivy League. He is a proud graduate of Holyoke Community College, The University of Massachusetts Boston Honors College — Magna Cum Laude — and Brown University, where he earned his Masters Degree in Teacher Education. 

Throughout college, Bryce supported himself, and the communities he comes from, by working full-time developing youth leadership programs for Black, Latino and LGBTQ+ youth. He has also served on the boards and steering committees of several state, local and national organizations such as The National Center for Transgender Equality, The Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ+ Youth and TransLaw: Trans Legal Advocates of Washington. 


During his time as a graduate student at Brown, Bryce Co-Led, developed and implemented justice, equity, diversity and inclusion programming for the Brown Education Department. He also developed a culturally-responsive curriculum anchored in ethnic studies, and unearthing the lesser-taught histories of people from historically marginalized communities. Bryce's experiences at Brown, and his work post-graduation as a high school history teacher, drive his justice, equity, diversity and inclusion work which is built around understanding the historical implications + impact of systems of oppression in the U.S.


Since establishing Swarm Strategy in June 2020, Bryce has spearheaded justice, equity, diversity and inclusion (JEDI) strategy with a variety of corporate clients, global brands, and non-profit organizations. His work ranges from developing intersectional racial justice workshops, leading corporate diversity councils through policy implementation processes, developing and-scaling DEI initiatives to engaging C-Suite leaders in an anti-racist development curriculum. Bryce believes that the voices, lived experiences and rich expertise of people from historically marginalized communities must be centered — in workplaces and in our communities — in order to create new, inclusive systems that serve everyone equitably. 


Bryce is a proud second-generation public school educator, Army National Guard Veteran, son of a single mom, oldest brother to two  siblings, bibliophile, Jazz enthusiast and Clemson Tigers Football Fan. When he isn't working, Bryce can be found playing with his dog — the Honorable Ruth "Barker" Ginsburg — cooking a casual weeknight multi-course dinner, tweeting about sports and listening to NPR. 

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