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Strategy Consulting

Strategy is in our DNA, and our name.

Strategy Consulting Offerings and Services  

We bring 10-years of project management, policy advocacy, community organizing and programming experience to the forefront of problem solving — from the grassroots to corporate boardrooms. What sets Swarm Strategy consulting apart from others? A combination of this professional experience with the lived experience of facing systemic barriers in employment, education and housing means we bring unique insight to solving the very issues faced by people from marginalized communities in workplaces. Additionally, because Swarm is rooted in youth organizing and culturally responsive pedagogical practices we center community needs, deep listening, and qualitative data (storytelling) in our strategy work.


Swarm takes a collaborative approach to strategy consulting: starting with evaluation and assessment before coming up with a multi-tiered plan to address systemic inequities, policy gaps and more. Learn more below about the strategy consulting offerings your organization and company can utilize to go beyond the surface of DE&I.

Strategic Planning Support, Guidance and Visioning

Just getting started on your organizational JEDI journey? Looking to plan your organizations goals, values, and roadmap for the near future? Swarm supports organizations with strategic planning and visioning. We can lead your team through the process and help you come up with a mangeable, actionable and scaleable plan that incorporates your goals and values. 

HR Policy Assessment, Review and Reccomendations

Want to make sure your external messaging on equity aligns with your internal policies? We can partner with you to review your existing HR policies, identify gaps with regards to benefits, communities your policies are serving (or aren't serving) and provide reccomendations accordingly to ensure your benefits plans are as inclusive as possible.

HR Policy Development Support + Implementation

With a background in policy advocacy and implementation Swarm can support your organization in writing new HR policy. We partner with Work In Progress Consulting  on all things HR to take you from idea to concrete policy. We also co-authored the Equity HR Guides which provide organizational leaders with extensive model HR policies, inclusive language guides, implementation resources + more.

Program Evaluation and Development

Are you a non-profit organization looking to bolster your community outreach and client serving programs? Let us partner with you to audit your programs, ensure they are meeting the needs of your clients/communities and create strategies to optimize your programing and outreach to meet the needs of people from marginalized communities. 

Developing and Establishing a JEDI Plan and Strategic Framework

Related to general strategic planning is ensuring you have a strong JEDI specific plan for your organization — what benchmarks do you want to hit and what frameworks do you want to use to get there? Let Swarm help you incorporate JEDI into everything you do from HR, training and education, recruitment, elevation to everyday culture and values. 

Mission/Vision/Values Overview and Alignment

Establishing  your mission/vision/values and ensuring it aligns with the current needs of your employees, clients and community is a foundational piece to getting your organizations JEDI work off the ground. Swarm can guide you through a collaborative process where folks have collective buy-in to brainstorm, develop and ultimately brand a mission/vision/values that feels authentic and tangible. 

Executive (VP, C-Suite, People Leaders, Management) Coaching

People leaders, Executives and C-Suite members are the driving force behind culture shift at organizations. In order for the work to be felt at every level of the organization these leaders must be invested in the mission AND have the tools necessary to drive implementation. Swarm supports leaders at all levels with understanding what it takes to implement JEDI practices, policies, principles and actions. 

Employee Resource Group (ERG) + Business Resource Group (BRG) Advising 

ERG's and BRG's can be incredible resources for organizations looking to expand their JEDI footprint. Swarm helps ERG's/BRG's establish their mission/vision/values, coordinate events, identify their project priorities and implement their plans. If your organization is looking to start ERG's/BRG's we also provide support with getting that off the ground!

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