Storytelling + Speaking

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Bryce believes that Swarm is all about creating an impact through stories. He uses his strong academic writing, historian research skills, Southern oral history tradition, and background in slam poetry to create and tell impactful stories that create meaningful change in communities and organizations.  

Sampling Of Services


  • Keynote speaking at major conferences + events: virtual and in-person

  • Facilitating, and participating in, panels on a wide variety of equity focussed topics: DEI, Racial Justice, Civil Rights, LGBTQ Inclusion and History, etc. (virtual and in-person)

  • Using a storytelling framework informed by history, racial justice, and social change movements to uplift voices that have been historically silenced.

  • Virtual Panels and Webinars: Bryce is available to share his story and experiences as a Black, queer, transgender person navigating the world, education spaces, and the workplace via virtual panel or webinar. Bryce can speak on a variety of issues including (but not limited too) building for Black lives, White allyship/accomplices for Black lives, what educators and administrators can do to support marginalized students, and LGBTQ student leadership.


  • Story of Self Trainings:  Learn how to craft your past life experiences, identity, and passions into a cohesive story that can be used to empower yourself and others in your community. 


  • Creating frameworks that center the stories of Black, brown and indigenous communities, LGBTQ people, immigrants, system involved people, and other folks from marginalized backgrounds.


  • Curriculum Development: Curriculums are moral documents - they let students and young people know what and who matters. Bryce believes writing a strong, inclusive curriculum that is reflective of students' identities is storytelling of another name.