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Learn what drives the Hive.


Swarm Strategy is committed to building equitable systems, policies, programming and supports at organizations and companies to facilitate culture shift. We center the needs, lived experiences and expertise of people from historically marginalized communities to imagine new ways of belonging and inclusion. We push back against the status-quo of white supremacy culture characteristics in order to empower leaders to think outside the box on how they can distribute power more equitably.


To achieve this mission, we root in our principles of racial justice, collaboration, storytelling, imagination, disruption and healing to make this work systemic AND sustainable


We envision Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion work as an opportunity for healing, dreaming, transparency, community building and building something new. We desire to build the Swarm community #Hive as a place where everyone can be seen, supported and valued for who they are, and what they bring to the table. At Swarm, we work everyday to cultivate organizations, and cultures, rooted in radical care, inclusion and belonging. 



Collaboration creates innovation! At Swarm we nurture partnerships, value feedback, integrate iterative project management practices and center our clients needs to embody this value in everything we do.


Storytelling is the heart of justice and equity work. Swarm crafts, and elevates, people-centered stories told by the voices of people from historically marginalized communities. We believe, trust and listen to these lived experiences.


Imagination is the tool that will set us free. Developing and implementing new social and workplace systems rooted in liberation, joy and equity requires us to imagine new possibilities, new frameworks and new strategies. Imagination is inherently linked to justice. 


We must disrupt the structures, policies and social norms that allow existing systems of oppression to operate. Disruption is the first step to abolishing oppression, and is a daily practice.

Healing and Rest

We cannot do this work unless we are healed and rested. Swarm Strategy believes in the ancestral power of rest, and going beyond "self-care" to develop sustainable self-nourishment practices. Rest is an act of revolution and resistance.

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