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Bryce is an experienced public speaker who has delivered speeches at major national conferences, testified in front of legislative bodies, and made media appearances on CNN and the Huffington Post (among others). He has been media trained by many organizations. Bryce strikes the perfect balance of staying on message while also thoughtfully engaging the audience.


Sampling of Services 


  • Content Creation and Writing For Black Lives: Bryce is a detailed and skilled writer who always center Black, brown and LGBTQ lives in his writing and analysis. His writing focusses on sharing the stories of the communities he comes from; the same communities that are typically pushed to the back pages. 


  • Social media support, management, and content creation.

  • Creating content that centers the experiences of people from marginalized communities, specifically Black and brown people, LGBTQ people, and people whose identities meet at the intersections. 

  • Crafting statements with industry, and organizational leaders, supporting and affirming people from marginalized communities.

  • Conference Keynotes and Featured Speaking: Bryce was most recently a Co-Keynote Speaker at the Point Foundation National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida where he spoke to a room of  1,000+ people: industry leaders, business executives, non-profit advocates, activists, and students. He delivered an engaging message centered on allyship, following the path left by his Black/queer/trans ancestors and mentoring the next generation. Bryce looks forward to being able to inspire audiences and share his journey with others. He can keynote on topics related to youth power, LGBTQ movement-building, mentorship, building talent pipelines, creating inclusive workplace practices, and more! 


  • Media and Press Appearances: Bryce has been doing press and media interviews focussed on social change for many years. Bryce has been featured in major media outlets such as Autostraddele, The New York Times, Washington Blade, and The Grio. He has honed his skills in using the press as a tool to share critical information with the communities he cares about.