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Welcome to the Swarm Strategy kitchen — where you don't need a reservation to sit at the chefs table. #RacialJusticeRecipes are serving up the hottest and freshest bites of strategy that you can simmer, cook and let marinate within your organization to make sure that racial justice is baked into everything you do.


What is racial justice you may be asking? Well its our main ingredient, and it is different from diversity, it's more than inclusion and goes beyond equity. Racial justice is about creating, and sustaining, proactive supports and structures to center Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) across your organization. Racial justice recognizes that BIPOC people have been systemically marginalized in the United States by policies, programs and structures which are rooted in white supremacy culture.


Racial justice also acknowledges that while BIPOC people share an interconnected struggle of facing systemic racism, the experiences of each individual community and person is nuanced and requires people from outside communities to study, use that knowledge to reflect on their position to power + privilege, and then take action.


What is a #racialjusticerecipe?

A #racialjusticerecipe is designed to be used like any other recipe — it's a roadmap, it's a guide to inform organizational policies and culture — rooted in equity and liberation. Each recipe addresses a specific area of racial justice, for example: unrooting Anti-Blackness, calling out not-so "micro"aggressions, intersectionality, white supremacy culture characteristics, etc. and shares tools aka ingredients that you can use to cook up a strategy to begin assessing and addressing racial equity. These recipes are not meant to be prescriptive "fix it" list, instead they offer a framework where you can then add in your own seasoning, or spice, to make the recipe your own for the specific needs of your organization. 


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